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January 25, 2015


I care for myself and feel at peace

Being there for others is an important part of life. To be there for others we must be there for ourselves. In the busyness of life we can neglect what and who we are. There are three aspects to ourselves: physical, mental and spiritual. All three are important. Self-care is involves devoting attention and time to all three.

I take care of my physical aspect by exercising regularly, eating right and getting enough sleep. I also avoid those things that harm my body. I take of my mental aspect by reading uplifting books and learning about those things that help all three aspects – physical, mental and spiritual. Denials and affirmations are used to shift my consciousness.

I take care to remember my spiritual aspect by investing time in meditation and prayer. Meditation and prayer stimulate the generation of useful Divine Ideas. They also supports are mental and physical natures.

Each and every day, it is important that I let go of the busyness of life and the care of others. I invest in my own self-care. In these precious times I feel renewed and at peace. This, in turn, builds my capacity to support others.



January 18, 2015


My mind and heart are open to my Spiritual Nature,

I am aware of dynamic new ideas.

By opening my heart and mind to my Spiritual Nature, I expand my spiritual vision and encompass a view from higher consciousness. A fresh, spiritual perspective allows me to perceive new and unexpected ideas. I am no longer bound by limited thinking based on previous thoughts and my senses. I see opportunities I might have previously missed. I am seeing with spiritual eyes.

When I look beyond my own needs and desires and endeavor to help others, my spiritual intuition awakens. I easily and effortlessly divinely order my life. I know when to wait and when to move boldly ahead. I trust my inner, spiritual knowing. I relax with inner assurance. As I expand my view to encompass new opportunities, I proceed with spiritual confidence. I am happy and appreciate my positive, spiritual perspective of life.

Hmmm?  It could very well be our mind is the activity of Mind = Holy Spirit. See the following – pages 1 -3 of first part and page 6 of the first lesson from the class series, “Releasing the Holy Spirit of God in Man” (unpublished Fillmore, Unity Archives, #3232, 1931)

From page 1 and 2“… we will immediately discern that we have within us those three activities of mind, the Father Mind [Mind], the Son mind [Christ = Idea], and the Holy Spirit [Expression]. In other words, the mind [Mind] and the idea [Idea] and the manifestation [Manifestation] of that idea. These three come in every one of us. And, we, being the offspring of this Mind who moves in this s0-called mysterious way, can readily locate ourselves in this One Presence and unfold whatever is in the principle [Principle], unfold it in ourselves and unfolding it in ourselves, of course, we can tune in with this universal mind.”

In the context of this series the Idea = Christ = the Idea that is made up of the Twelve Powers. The important piece is that we ARE all three. At least at this point in the talk. Now let’s look at page 6

“This mind is incorporating and expressing through its thoughts and activity the great Omnipresent Mind of God. Think of yourself in a larger way than you have before. Quit thinking about yourself as a limited personal being. Think about yourself as Spirit; as the Holy Spirit. And what is that? It means the Holy Spirit. People say, “Do you mean to say that man is the Holy Spirit or God?” Yes, certainly. All that the Father has He has given to the Son. God is Spirit, and all this Spirit is involved in our consciousness, just waiting for our recognition; and faith is the recognition of the mind in a realm beyond its present capacity to assimilate.”


January 11, 2015

Divine Motivation


Grounded in my Divinity, I enjoy my successful journey.


Using my Divine Power of Imagination, I see new possibilities for success and satisfaction. I hold to a clear picture. Using my Divine Powers of Life and Zeal, I am passionately energized and motivated toward positive outcomes. Using my Divine Understanding, Divine Wisdom, Divine Will and Divine Power of Dominion, I empowered to know what to think say and do.

As I get still, meditate and firmly ground myself in the Silence, my next step takes form and arises into my awareness. Using my Divine Power of Faith, I move forward toward my good navigating over, around and through any seeming obstacles. I harmoniously use all my Divine Powers to propel myself forward … no matter what.

As I enjoy my successful journey, I experience spiritual growth as an extra benefit of my consciously using my innate, Divine Powers. I am deeply satisfied. I make progress exploring new possibilities. I do it all in joy as I enjoy the journey!


January 4, 2015

Divinely Authentic


I create an authentic life based on my Divine Nature.


As this 2015 begins, I focus on my life – I boldly and honestly assess and accept my current circumstances – where I have been and where I see myself going. I review my accomplishments and mistakes. What am I most proud of? What do I want to change and how?

Each year … each day … brings unlimited possibilities to write a new story. I am true to my Divine Nature and focus on what is really important. From this awareness, I create an authentic life that reflects the consolidation of my Divinity and my humanity.

I am unique. Moment to moment I create my unique life based on and from my Divine Nature. I am creator, director, and writer of my story. I direct it in a way that brings the greatest joy for others and myself. As I authentically live from my Divinity, I enjoy a life of well-being and love.