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May 3, 2015


I am Divine; I am Life, Wholeness and Health.

Just as each day dawns anew, I am renewed in body and mind, as I center in my Spiritual Nature. Whatever physical or emotional ill feelings I may experience pass from me with ease and grace. If I observe any discomfort or pain and any thoughts or feelings, I renounce any power or importance I have given them.

I stop myself from creating unproductive stories about my health. Instead, I give attention to my Divinity. As I remember and affirm, I am Life, Wholeness and Health, whatever needs to be revealed or restored to wholeness is chemicalized into my awareness.  I release them as I visualize and feel my wholeness. I experience a new level of well-being. My body is strong; my mind is poised and at peace; My Spirit is timelessly whole and perfect. I am grateful I am Divine; I am Life, Wholeness and Health.


April 26, 2015 

Fresh Ideas

Using Divine Understanding and Divine Wisdom, I generate fresh ideas.

Sometimes I face challenges that from my “limited self” seem unsurmountable. I may feel hopeless, worried, or lost. I may hesitate or freeze, afraid of moving in the wrong direction. My racing mind turns to the limitations of my past experiences for answers. 

Then I realize I am ready for fresh ideas unbound by the past. I take three, slow, deep breaths to re-center myself; I say to myself, “I am Divine! I am Divine!” In remembering my Divinity, I use Divine Understanding to know and Divine Wisdom to compare and contrast what I know. I am open to infinite possibilities. From this sweet awareness, I generate fresh ideas to meet and resolve any challenge. I know what to think, say and do for the best outcome for all.


April 19, 2015 


I am Divine.

I am free and unlimited.


While on my daily walk, I enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. I see freedom in a robin’s flight. I hear freedom in the rhythm of the rain. I feel freedom in the wind’s warm caress. It occurs to me that like the robin, rain, and wind, I am free! 

Regardless of my circumstances, I choose to affirm, “I am free and unlimited.” My unlimited Spirit can never be bound by outer conditions or inner conditions of the personality. I am free in my mind, body, and soul. Peace, joy, or love cannot be bound. 

Living from my Spiritual Identity, I express love, joy and peace. I see Christ Nature in every moment invested with a friend or “stranger.” With this True Vision arising out of my Divinity, I am free and unlimited right here and now.


April 12, 2015


I use each and every aspect of the day for good.

I awaken to the precious light of a new day and set the intention to use it all for good.

I am grateful for the possibilities today. Centered from the awareness of my Divinity, I wisely know what is mine to give: I generously give whether it be love, a simple smile or helping someone in more concrete ways.

My heart and mind are open to receive whatever is given knowing I can use anything for good when I remember my Divine Nature.

Each and every moment is an opportunity to learn; each and every moment is an opportunity to teach what I am. When I think I am a separate and vulnerable ego, I teach that through my words and actions. When I know my Divinity, I demonstrate that with ease and grace.

When I am aware of limiting and defining someone by my judgments of them, I take a deep breath and re-center into the awareness of Allness. Forgiveness naturally happens when I am willing to let go of everything I have added to another’s person’s innate Divinity. In that moment, I behold the Divine, all is well and there is nothing to forgive.

At the end of this day, may my heart be filled, my hands emptied and my mind at rest.

Easter Sunday

April 5, 2015



I awaken to the Christ I am.


Jesus Christ, the great Way Shower, taught peace, compassion, forgiveness, and love. His teachings changed lives 2,000 year ago, and they are just as relevant today. As I invest time in the Silence this Easter day, I consider how to fully express the qualities of the Christ Principle through demonstrating Christ Consciousness. 

I draw my attention to my Divine Wisdom, Understanding and Desire (Love). Awakening my awareness of the Christ Principle, I discover ways to better express peace, compassion, forgiveness, and love. I revel in the life springing up in and around me and experience the world form a new perspective. I use the Christ Principle to give life to Christ Consciousness! I see through the eyes of love, hear with the ears of compassion, and speak words of forgiveness. 

By following the teachings of Jesus, investing time in the Silence and developing the Twelve Powers, the Christ is alive in me this Easter day.