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The Absolute Word is based on Sunday messages appearing in Daily Word®, a copyrighted Unity publication, and has been used with permission.


January 1, 2017

New Year

My Divine Power of Life energizes and vitalizes

new adventures.


With each new day and especially a new year come opportunities for new beginnings. As I release and bid last year goodbye, I greet today with an air of anticipation. This New Year holds the promise of a new dawn, an adventure waiting to be experienced and fulfilled.

Prayer is a powerful resource on my journey. I prayerfully keep myself centered on my Power of Divine Life working with my Power of Faith to energize and believe that all things are possible. Through prayer, I become aware of Divine Ideas for manifesting this New Year’s potential for love, joy, health, prosperity, harmony, and so much more.

I am grateful for all of my Divine Powers including Life and Faith. In gratitude, I recognize the many blessings in my life – those given to others, those received and those coming my way. I live in confidence as my Divine Power of Life energizes and vitalizes new adventures.