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August 2, 2015


I see the Divinity of my friends because I know my own.

True friendship demonstrates the Principle of Giving and Receiving. A friend is a precious gift I give myself. I laugh and cry with friends. I support them, love them, and share in their joy. They do the same for me. Whether I am desiring a new friend or cherishing the ones I have, I give love and appreciate for my friends.

It is easy to see the Divine Nature in others when I know my own. Ultimately, the greatest gift I can give a friend is to see their Divinity.  From my Divine Identity, I exude love that welcomes new friends while established friendships deepen. I am rich in friends.


July 26, 2015


Devotion to my Spiritual Identity brings me joy.

Devotion results in the ability to do the same thing over and over again with joy and dedication. What is worth repeating? Certainly those things generating joy, peace, love, and clarity. I reflect on my desire to fully know my Spiritual Identity, what I desire to experience and the activities that support my goals. These are the things worthy of my devotion. I set my intention to repeat them daily.

I celebrate and am grateful for the benefits gained from my meditations, prayers, writing, and uplifting conversations that result from my devotion to my Spiritual Identity. I realize my innate Divinity through being devoted to my spiritual practices. Devotion brings me joy.


July 19, 2015

Spiritually Prosperous

My essential Self is limitless, omnipresent Substance.

I am spiritually prosperous!


I may be stuck in my thinking about prosperity. I may think of it as possessing things like a home, car, or fashionable clothing. Charles Fillmore called this “material prosperity.” He taught us about Spiritual Prosperity. It is based on and in the understanding of limitless, omnipresent Spiritual Substance and Divine Ideals.  It is the starting point of all demonstration and manifestation whether simply in consciousness or in the outer realm of things.

I come into a realization of Spiritual Substance when I regularly invest time in meditation and I know myself as the limitless, always-present source of Ideas. I use these Ideas to fulfill all I need and desire. I am grateful for even the smallest evidence of increase.  Peace is mine as I embrace Spiritual Prosperity. My essential Self is limitless, omnipresent Substance!


July 12, 2015


I am Divine; I use all change to bless and uplift.


Once, I thought of life as a project to plan. I set goals, created a timeline, and expected results. This works to a certain extent. Over time, I learned life is as unpredictable as the weather. Change is the hallmark of the relative realm.

 My initial reaction to change may be fear. When this happens, I apply Divine Order, Wisdom and Understanding so I can confidently adjust to change. I use my Divine Faith and Imagination to confidently mold all change to bless and uplift others and myself. Once I know my new plan and goals, I pick up my spiritual tools of denials and affirmations. Throughout the day I authoritatively state my denial, “I give no power to change and fear.” I follow my denial with a powerful affirmation, “I am wise, capable, and confident. I embrace change to bless and uplift!” I use another affirmation to claim my new goal.

I am Divine; I sue all change to bless and uplift.


July 5, 2015



I am Divine Life; whole, strong, and full of vitality.


Nature in its summer splendor invites me to rest and rejuvenate. Cats and dogs bask in the sunlight. A gentle breeze carries the scent of flowers. The sunset provides a moment of splendor at the end of each day.

 I follow cues I perceive in nature. I invest time to relax and rejuvenate. I find a quiet place to reflect on my Divinity – perhaps I sit on a rock near the water, a park bench, or on my patio. I settle into meditation. I breathe in the fresh air and let go of any worries. Aligning with my Spiritual Nature renews me with each breath. I open myself to fresh perspectives.

Mindful to maintain balance in my life, I devote myself to rest and rejuvenation. I am Divine Life; whole, strong, and full of vitality.