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June 28, 2015

Wisdom and Love

I am Divine Wisdom and Love.


In times of darkness, I remember I can use all circumstances to spiritually grow – the good, the bad and the ugly. I faithfully turn within to access my Divinity. I am Divine Wisdom and Love. When I do so, I feel peace. As my old thinking clears away, my innate Divinity radiates at every level of my “beingness.”  I know my Divinity; I am Divine Love, Wisdom, Understanding and so much more!

Divine Mind is not separate from me. It is the core of me. It is the “storehouse” of all Divine Ideas. I use these Ideas to be and express all that I am. I am Divine Love; I use it to be loving. I am Divine Wisdom: I use it to compare and contrast my choices. Grounded in my innate Divinity, I confidently affirm peace, happiness, good health, and prosperity. I am Divine Wisdom and Love.


June 21, 2015

Reminder: Today is Father’s Day. Invest a few moments in the Silence honoring your father whether living or has passed on to “another room in Consciousness.” Regardless of the circumstances and your experience, you would not be here if it were not for him and your mother!

Fatherly Qualities (compassion, comfort, loyalty, warmth, affection, strength, protection, caring, sheltering, providing)

I lovingly and compassionately support, protect and

care for those around me.

Fathers teach by the way they live. Among other things, fathers teach how to work hard, be reliable, willing, and patient. They demonstrate love as they provide support, comfort, loyalty, warmth, affection, strength, protection, care, shelter, and guidance.

Fathers learn and grow throughout their lives. My  relationship with my father may be strong and loving, or it may have its ups and downs. I am grateful to my father and all fathers for their doing the best for their children.

Whether my father lives or I hold his memory in my heart, today I honor him and pray for his well-being. I hold a vision of all fathers as models of faith and love – blessing their families for generations.


June 14, 2015


I experience true freedom as I awaken to my Spiritual Nature.


Today I stop placing limits on my ability to live the life of my dreams. I start by taking an honest look at what I believe about myself. I know self-awareness leads to self-knowledge. It is important I do this with self-acceptance. I identify false, destructive thoughts. I use denials to disempower these thoughts and sweep them out of my mind. I use affirmations to claim my beautiful Divine Nature.

 I revel in true freedom as I embrace my Spiritual Identity. I soar like and eagle, catching currents of Divine Energy. As others see my strength and agility, I effortlessly have affinity for my good. I am limitless.

 Life becomes sweeter and brighter as I ascend into this new understanding of myself. I become more prosperous, healthy, and happy as I embrace my spiritual Truth.

Note: This Sunday’s Absolute Word is based on the Daily Word from Friday, June 5, 2015

Note: This Absolute Word is based on the Daily Word for Friday, June, 5, 2015.



June 7, 2015



I am Divine. I contribute to harmony in the world by embracing diversity.


Rainbows provide a wonderful example of harmony. Each color is clearly defined, yet they all come together perfectly for a beautiful work of natural art.

The diversity of humanity is similar: Each person shines in his or her own unique way. I see distinctions rather than differences. Together we creat a portrait of love, peace, patience, forgiveness, understanding, and Oneness. Each of us uses our Divine Potential to express in a multitude of colors, voices, and ways of being.

Harmony among people begins with me. The apostle Paul wrote that we are to make “every effort to maintain unity of Spirit in the bond of peace.” I contribute to harmony in the world by embracing the beauty of diversity.