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October 5, 2015

Animal Blessing

 I  love animals knowing

the Divine is our underlying unity.

Over the millennia, many species of animals and humans have interacted in trusting relationships. Animals add so much to our lives. They are pets, farmhands, and guides. Dogs love and guard us. Cats comfort and keep mice at bay. Birds sing and amuse us. Wool from sheep warm and adorn us. Animals continue to be essential transportation around the world. 

I am grateful for the many ways animals add richness to my life. From the fish of the sea to the butterfly, I appreciate the unique strengths of each and every species. Whether it’s the pet from my childhood or an exotic animal, I see our underlying unity. When I see them I send them loving energy knowing that the Divine is our common core.

Alternative Absolute Word

Based on Saturday, October 3, 2015


 I am Zeal! Joy radiates out from me.

The spiritual Power of Zeal is like the potential of an unlit candle. When I light a candle it burns brightly; when I fire up my Zeal, my joy burns brightly in my heart and soul. Just as each sunrise illuminates the earth with warm hues, my joy lights up my life from the inside out. 

Often, I spontaneously feel joy after meditation. Sights and sounds spark my awareness of joy. Hearing the beat of a favorite song, seeing the beauty of fall foliage, feeling the touch of a loved one’s embrace – I use all these things to fire up my Zeal! 

Whenever I feel darkness in my life, I meditate on my Zeal center at the back of my head seeing the color orange burning brightly there. I reflect on the joys of my life. It begins to warm my heart and my entire body. I cannot help but smile as my joy radiates within me. I am Zeal! Joy radiates out from me.


September 27, 2015


I discover living waters in the deep well of my Spiritual Nature.


An old story tells of a farmer who set out to dig a well. The ground was still and dry. At 15 feet down he grew frustrated and stopped digging. He moved to another location and repeated the process twice more. Then his wife suggested he simply dig deeper right where he stood. He followed her advice, dug deeper and soon found an abundant supply of wate.

At times I may act like the farmer. My spiritual practice may seem arid and unproductive. However, by continuing in faith, I move deeper into the well of my Spiritual Nature. Jesus told us about the “living waters” of our Spiritual Nature. I tap this wellspring of joy by going within the depths of my consciousness. If my practice feels dry, I remain devoted to it. I simply reaffirm my dedication to the Truth of my “Beingness.” I dig deeper and discover all I could ever want and ALL that I AM!


September 20, 2015


I take care of my mind and body.

My Spirit is timelessly whole and perfect.



Jesus taught us to love one another as ourselves. Care of ourselves is one way we demonstrate love for ourselves. I can better care for others when I have taken care of myself.

We are three fold beings – body, mind and Spirit. My body and mind need care. Spirit needs no care since it is timelessly whole and perfect.

I love and care for my body with good nutrition, adequate exercise and good grooming habits. I love and care for my mind by reading books and magazines that I can use to inspire and uplift myself. I take care to remember my Spirit, my Divinity by praying and meditating daily.


September 13, 2015


I am Divine. I am strong and unstoppable!

Today I focus on my Divine Power of Strength – my ability to endure, stay the course, last, be persistent, persevere, to be stable and steady. I am mentally strong, I pursue my goals with confidence, determination and perseverance. I consciously use any appearance of  temporary setbacks to increase my resolve. Just as steel becomes stronger after it is heated to a high temperature, my ability to draw on my inner strength grows as I steadfastly overcome obstacles.

If I encounter what looks like a roadblock, I call upon my Divine Faculty of Strength coupled with Divine Faith – my ability to believe. I am able to stick with that which I believe is possible. Centered in my Divinity I feel my Strength. I affirm: I am Divine. I am strong and unstoppable! With renewed Strength and Faith, I see my goals through to completion.



September 6, 2015


I am Christ, free and unlimited!


When I see children laughing and having fun on a playground, I may long for the same kind of carefree existence. Yet, when I remember my Divine Identity and that I AM Infinite Potential, I am always free. Using Divine Faith, Divine Understanding, Divine Wisdom and Divine Will, I choose to rise above seeming limitation. I release the past and live in the present with joyous abandon!

I AM Spiritual Beingness; I use my Power of Dominion to claim my sovereign authority. I AM a new and confident person.  I am always choosing the thoughts I think. I keep my attention on the highest and best. I demonstrate it in every part of my life. My world expands to greater heights when I use my Divine Nature to think “outside of the box.” I am at peace. I am grateful for the Truth I know and apply!