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May 31, 2015


I am the peace radiating from my Divine Nature.


In times of change, I turn within my consciousness to find peace. Centered in the peace and tranquility of my Divine Nature, I accomplish what is mine to do with self-assurance and joy.

If I need to make a decision, I do not act impulsively or hastily. Instead, I turn to my Divine Consciousness. I wait upon my spiritual intuition. When clarity comes, I am ready to prepare myself for action. When I have built up sufficient mental “oomph” I take deliberate action.

I bring my sense equanimity – calm and composure – to every situation. I use Divine Order and Divine Strength to be steady and stable. I manage change with serenity and poise. Connected to my deepest place of stillness, I am anchored in peace and love.


May 24, 2015

My Divine Activity

I trust the Divine Activity of my mind.

I do not need to consciously command my breathing or will my heart to beat. I trust the divine activity of my mind to power my heartbeat, guide my thinking, and see the good. In a similar way, the Divine Activity of my mind uses the Power of Life to animate my body, energize my breath, and invigorate my personal life.

The Divine Activity of my mind expresses my creative thoughts and ideas. Divine Wisdom helps me to make wise decisions. Divine Strength keeps it all moving along despite seeming challenges or obstacles. I use Divine Love to desire my good and manifest it.

 I reinforce my reliance of the Divine Activity of my mind when I meditate. I keep myself attuned to my Divinity by investing time each day in the Silence. I live more consciously, more fully, and more purposefully. I trust the Divine Activity of my mind.


May 17, 2015




Grounded in my Divinity,

I center my thoughts on what I desire most in my life.

Thoughts held in mind have a powerful effect in consciousness. In simple terms, this means what I think about I experience in my mind and body. What I think about I can bring about in the world around me by taking appropriate action. This demonstrates the Law of Affinity. For example, if I desire to have roses in my garden, my consciousness has an affinity for roses. I begin to think of them and even imagine how they smell. . I notice them and see them wherever I go. I have an experience them in my mind and my body.

Since this is how my consciousness works, I set my intentions on love; I desire love, peace, harmony, and abundance. By keeping my mind and heart focused on them I have an affinity for them. I first experience them internally. I begin to be love and see love; I begin to be peace and see peace; I begin to be harmonious and see harmony; I am the very essence of abundance and so I experience abundance. I bring forth blessings for myself and others.

 I am aware of what I am thinking; I re-adjust those thought I do not want. I see how what I appreciate, appreciates; how positive expectations yield positive outcomes at least in my internal experience. I lift my consciousness to manifest blessings for myself and others. I know the power of my consciousness is Divine Power that I decide how I use. Grounded in and from my Divinity, I center my thoughts on what I desire most in life.


May 10, 2015

Motherly Qualities

I nurture and lift up those around me.

Today I celebrate mothers everywhere. I celebrate the life-giving and nurturing aspects of mothering that is sourced from my Infinite Potential.  I celebrate my “motherly qualities” of unconditional love, peace, healing, and joy in the world, in my life and that I demonstrate. 

I take a moment to reflect on a time when I was comforted as a child, when I comforted a child or experienced someone comforting a child. I call to mind memories of when I felt nurtured, held, or lifted up by someone else regardless of my age. I affirm how important it is that I nurture and lift up those around me. I am grateful for those spiritual qualities we categorize as “motherly” enriching my life and the lives of family and friends.