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  1. I would love to be able to leave comments and I did not see how to do that so I am writing here.
    I see a place to login. I am not registered on this site so I could not login. I need to know how to receive a login for this site. I happily await your response. I look forward to this next week of C3 classes at the Village. See you at 6:30 AM on Monday if that works this week. Love and hugs, Alison.

    • Hi Lonnie,

      I am not sure where you would log in. I just sent you an email. I am getting these … at least now that I found them! And, I think when I approve and respond, they should be more public.

      It was fun to see you again at the Village!

      Blessing you, Paul

  2. Thank you for your Absolute Words.
    Lonnie and I also were happy to get to hear most of your lesson yesterday at Inspirational Unity. We will plan better and be on time next month. I enjoyed you talk. The contents was similar to what we were reading on the way to the center. We are reading Keep a True Lent in preparation for my student teaching in the Easter season next year. It is taking a while to get on the class schedule at Unity of Mesa as a student teacher. I am excited to complete the requirements and be finished with this part of my life learning. As an LUT I will continue to take classes as they are available and of interest to me. Love you lots, Alison and Lonnie.

    • Hi Alison,

      I am just getting the hang of this. Thanks for your post! Congrats on moving forward toward completing your LUT. Your students will learn a LOT from you and you will learn a lot too!

  3. Thank you for the absolute true, now I don’t feel alone , I been editing the daily word for many years, where I don’t feel ” oneness” is express, thank you .

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