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Sunday, November 2, 2014


I meditate to know my innate Divinity.

I use meditation to upgrade my human consciousness and re-energize myself. As I turn my awareness to the quiet within my consciousness, I breathe deeply and relax. I shift awareness from the world around me, my body and my conscious thoughts and feelings. Each one is like a leaf gently floating downstream. I gently focus on a word or phrase of peace. As my body and conscious mind become still, I transcend the external world of things and events as well as the chattering activity of my conscious mind. I open myself to Infinite Potential as I rest in a state of total non-awareness.

My time in meditation, effortlessly reinforces awareness of my Divinity.  As I shift from total non-awareness I become aware of my thoughts, feelings, body and the outer world around me. My spiritual understanding, peace and love have expanded. I am refreshed and revitalized. I return to the activities of the day being the presence of peace and harmony. I know what to think, say and do.


The meditation of my heart shall be understanding.  Psalm 49:3

I had been wondering about what to call the amped up version of the the “the word” for Sundays. I have decided on The Absolute Word. I trust you are enjoying these verity language versions of Unity’s Daily Word!

Blessing you!

Here is the Verity Consciousness version of Unity’s Daily Word for 10.19.2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Flexible Vitality

Grounded in my Spiritual Nature, I am flexible, vital and youthful. 

Infinite Potential is the core of my Beingness. I use it to be youthful and vital. The Principle of Life underpins living, breath by breath, hearbeat by heartbeat.

I give no power to inflexible and stuck expressions of Life. I renounce crystallized old thoughts and habits. I claim my Divinity. I express Infinite Life in ever-flowing, ever-renewing, ever-increasing ways.

I live this Truth by being open and resilient. I am flexible in mind, heart and body. I am conscious of my life energy and strength. Grounded in my Spiritual Nature, I am vital and youthful.

Note: The scripture did not adequately match.

Blessing you!

Here is the Verity Consciousness version of Unity’s Daily Word for 10.19.2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I use Divine Life to enliven my body; Divine Understanding and Wisdom to experience intelligence; Divine Love and Understanding to fulfill my heart’s desire.


I am Divine Life enlivening my body; I am Divine Understanding and Wisdom manifesting intelligence; I am Divine Love and Understanding fulfilling my heart’s desire.


I am Beingness; I am is Infinite Potential, It is the Real of me. I easily sense my Beingness in my mind, heart and body..

As I observe the intricacies of the human body and its ability to restore wholeness, I know somehow, some way I am using the Principles of Life, Health and Wholeness to do so. The innate intelligence of my mind is derived from Divine Understanding and Divine Wisdom. My capacity to be loving and compassionate is based on the Principles of Love and Understanding. I uplift myself in the realization of my innate Goodness grounded in my Divinity.

My Divine Nature is the very essence of Infinite Potential. I consciously use my Divine Abilities to meet any challenge or situation. I use Them to manifest my mind, my body and the fulfillment of my heart’s desire.

In him we live and move and have our being. – Acts 17:28

In the awareness of our Divinity, we live, move and are Beingness.

Blessing you!

Each week, I will be and am posting a Verity Consciousness version of Unity’s Sunday Daily Word. Compare and contrast this one to your own version. Post yours! In this way we grow and expand consciousness together!

I will only use the scripture verse if it directly applies to the topic. Here is the first!


Sunday, October 12, 2014


I am generous; I give and receive easily and gracefully.

When I realize I am the Divine Flow of Prosperity, I give and receive easily and gracefully. I give no power to thoughts and feelings around withholding my gifts, whether they be financial, emotional, or simply helpful. When I know that I know to give, I do so freely. I experience the joy of generously serving and helping others.

Equally important to the Principle of Prosperity is receiving graciously. I openheartedly receive a present, a smile, an offer to help, or a listening ear graciously. I give the giver my full attention and genuine appreciation for their kindness.

I am generous. I consciously practice giving and receiving, first in consciousness and then in the world around me. I feel the blessing with which I bless others.


Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above [Higher Consciousness]. James 1:17