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Thursday – Christmas Day


December 25, 2014                                                              Christmas Generosity

I give gifts of peace, joy, hope and love.


It’s Christmas! I am filled with joy and excitement! I have gifts to share and gifts to receive. As I focus on generosity, I give peace and I receive peace. I have peace of mind and heart because I know I am Christ. I share peace with the world and demonstrate generosity through acts of kindness and prayers for harmony for all people.

I celebrate my spiritual birthday, the birth of the awareness of the Christ I am. I exude joy. As I give joy; I receive joy. Indeed, “the Kingdom” has come. I am filled with appreciation of the happiness in this season and every day.

I give the gift of hope; I receive hope. I expect good to come to others and to come to me. As I align my awareness of my Divinity there is “Divine Assurance,” Divine Faith in f the “Good,” my Christ Nature, now and forever.

I give love; I receive love. As I give love I know I am love. From my Divine Love, I desire to unconditionally see the Divinity of others. And, so it is! I see the best in others. I am grateful for Oneness, our Divinity.

Wednesday – Christmas Eve!


December 24, 2014                                                               My Spiritual Birthday

I celebrate my spiritual birthday! I know I am Christ.


Just as Mary joyfully expected the arrival of Jesus, I anticipate the celebration of the birth of becoming aware of my Christ Nature. This remembrance accelerates my desire to share my unique attributes with the world – love, harmony, and peace inspired from my Spiritual “Beingness” based on using the Twelve Powers.

Through meditation and prayer, I deepen meaningful awareness of my Divinity. I also honor the Divinity of each and every individual.  As I celebrate and remember the birth of Jesus, I also celebrate my spiritual birthday! As I know I am Christ, my heart overflows with joy and love.

I join with others celebrating their Divine Potential. As we individually and collectively remember Oneness, the Christ Consciousness is expanded into the world.


December 21, 2014                                                                                            Joy!

As I remember my Divinity, joy wells up from the inside out.


Joy begins in the depths of my beingness, radiates from my heart, and shines out to the world. The events of this season remind me that the deepest joy comes from remembering my Christ Nature.

When my heart and mind are aligned with and from my Spiritual Nature, I am naturally curious and excited about everything and everyone I meet. I am enthusiastic about my life and eager to do all that is mind to do.

I experience a contagious bliss and ease as I connect to my inner wellspring of JOY! The joy of Spirit is effervescent. It sparkles from my eyes and adds a bounce to my step. Focused from my Divinity, jubilation bursts forth from me.



December 14, 2014                                                                                  Loving

 I am Love. It is my nature to be loving.


I am Divine Love; I love my neighbor as myself.

Divine Love is the ability to desire. I desire to see the Divinity of each and every person. As I do so, the feeling of love wells up in my heart and flows to the hearts of others. When I recognize I am Divine Love, I recognize the underlying Divinity of all beings. I honor their lives and want the best for them.

 Following Jesus’ teaching to love one another is easy when I cherish people dear to me. I am also called to appreciate the Divinity of those who are different from me … even those who may not hold the best for me. Loving as Jesus loved means accepting all people knowing each is Spirit regardless of their actions, choices, or abilities. They are Divine; they are Divine Love.

Divine Love is me! I use it to be loving. It flows from my Spiritual Nature as I share it with others. I love because it is my nature to loving.


December 7, 2014

Inner Peace


I am centered in my Divine Nature; I am peaceful.

Today, I become still. I clear my mind of cluttered thoughts and replace them with images of tranquility. I visualize a quiet lake … the stars in the clear night sky … or my family snuggled up in bed. I release outer concerns and trust my Spiritual Nature. I focus on peace.

Peace is the result of my knowing and experiencing my Divinity. My Divinity is the same for me as for those for whom I care. It is available to each and every one of them. Focused on my Divinity, I am peaceful. I know what to think, say and do. Using Divine Understanding and Wisdom, I direct myself toward my good.

I am peaceful; I intentionally express my Divine-Self in every area of my life creating blessing along the way. I hold only positive, faith-filled thoughts. I live peacefully; I am a blessing of peace to others and myself.