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August 30, 2015



I am Divine Love, I openly give and receive the gift of Love.


In his book, Jesus Christ Heals (p. 27), Charles Fillmore famously stated, “God is not loving. God is love, … . Yet God does not love anybody or anything. God is the love in everybody and everything. God is love; man/humankind becomes loving by permitting that which God is [Love] to find expression in word and act.” Love is one of the Twelve Powers. We use it to be loving.

When Love is used from the highest levels of consciousness, we experience spiritual love. It is deeper than romantic love and stronger than familial love. It is an unconditional love. It is a love without the need for an object or a reason.  It transcends simple acceptance. It is an all-encompassing.

I am always Love whether I am mindful of it or not. I use it according to my level of consciousness. As I give, I also receive – this is an immutable law in consciousness. I see God in others; I accept and love them deeply, without conditions. I openly give and receive the gift of Love.


August 23, 2015


I am Christ Consciousness; it is my nature to give.


I share my time, talent, and treasure as naturally as a tree gives its shade, fruit, and leaves. This is most true when I am centered in the source of my inherent abundance – my Christ Nature. On occasion I may forget my Divine Identity and think I don’t have enough to give. As soon as I notice these false thoughts I quickly denial giving them any power or importance.  I affirm my Divine Nature and give from this consciousness of generosity and ease.

My giving nature is supported by a knowing faith.  I believe and know that I am Christ Consciousness. It supports all that I think, say and do. My Divine Nature freely supports my personality with all the Twelve Powers/Abilities simply because of What it is. I root myself in this naturally prosperous way of being and generously share my gifts.


August 16, 2015



Grounded in my Spiritual Nature I am free.

At times, I think and act as if my personality/ego is all that I am. I may feel restrained by my circumstances. I have commitments to keep, bills to pay, and my inner critic to calm. I may wonder how to get out of this stagnant state. Then, I remember I am so much more than my ego. I pause and realign myself with my Spiritual Nature. The way ahead becomes clear. I shift my focus from lack to abundance and from “bondage to old ways” to freedom! I have the power to create a sense of freedom in my life.

 Awareness of my Divine Nature supports a change in my attitude. Often, this is all I need to be free. I also may change the way I communicate to free myself from frustration. Instead of keeping things bottled up I share my feelings and needs openly. I am empowered to ask for what I need. When it’s my turn to listen, I am compassionate. I breathe before reacting and respond with love. Centered in my Spiritual Nature, I am free.


August 8,, 2015


I use my Power of Love to live in harmony with life.


When a musical chord progression is incomplete, I feel the need for resolution; there is the sweet anticipation of completion. A preceding chord leads or signals the upcoming chord change that resolves and completes the progression. Sweet, joyful resolution!

When I am impatient, anxious, or judgmental, I can see it as the preceding, leading chord pointing toward resolution. They are indicators a “progression” in my life is not resolved – is not complete. I can use it to anticipate resolution and completion.

If I am feeling out of sync with the world around me, I can stay there or I can change my response. I remember the Power of love is the ability to harmonize and unify. I use my Power of Love to be the change that completes the progression and creates harmony. I modify my perspective and gradually move into unity with what is. I live in harmony with the life.