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The Absolute Word is based on Sunday messages appearing in Daily Word®, a copyrighted Unity publication, and has been used with permission.


June 3, 2018

Divine Order 

I use the Law of Divine Order to manifest Divine Ideas.

Divine Order is Mind-Idea-Expression always unfolding Divine Ideas according to my consciousness.

Charles Fillmore said, “Prayer makes humankind master of Divine Ideas” (Charles Fillmore, Keep a True Lent, p. 10 – adapted). Prayer does not change God, it changes me and how I see things.

I shift my awareness from the limited and changing relative realm to the unchanging Absolute Realm of Divine Ideas. I open my mind to fresh awareness of Divine Ideas.

I gratefully devote myself to the certainty of the Divine Idea of Life. With each breath, I demonstrate Divine Life. I express my life according to the Law of Divine Order – Mind – Idea – Expression.

Like seedlings growing in fertile soil, new thoughts of harmony and abundance arise in my mind. I see with greater clarity the orderly manifestation of Divine Ideas according to Law.