All posts for the month March, 2015


March 29, 2015

A New Order

Established in my Divine Identity, I open my heart and mind

to a new order in my consciousness.

As I make progress on my spiritual path, I acknowledge and embrace it. I see how I use my Divine Powers to lift myself into new ways of thinking, feeling and being. I express my Divine Nature; I experience the peace that comes with new spiritual understanding.

 My quest for Truth is life-long; I joyously dedicate and establish myself in it. I open my heart and mind to a new order in my consciousness. My mind is most receptive when I invest time in The Silence. Faith in my Divine Identity linked with the desires of my heart generates useful ideas to act upon.

An ever greater new order is established in my consciousness when I pray and meditate in the Silence. At the same time, I am innately Divine in potential and I am growing into a fuller awareness and expression of my Divinity.


March 22, 2015


I am Divine, I am successful!

I am Divine. Therefore, I am and have everything I need to succeed. What an empowering idea! My Divine Power is greater than any difficulty. I tap into my Divine Understanding, Wisdom and Will to make wise choices in order to navigate unexpected barriers. From the awareness of Oneness, I am successful in overcoming any challenge and achieve my goal.

Using Divine Love, I desire the right and perfect outcome. My consciousness harmonizes and unifies around my heart’s desire. I bring accord into any seemingly chaotic situation. I use Divine Strength to persevere to stay the course until I overcome any circumstance.

I use Divine Faith and Strength to be patient and believe what I desire is already done in consciousness! I use Divine Imagination to envision and conceptualize the way to the best outcomes. I achieve my dreams. I prevail. I am Divine! I am successful!


March 15, 2015

Inner Peace

From practicing the Silence, I experience inner peace in my daily life.


Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore lauded time in the Silence as follows: “The highest form of prayer we know is quietly entering the inner chamber within the soul, shutting the door to the external thought of daily life, and seeking conscious union with God.” The Silence is the stillness I find within my own consciousness. The more I practice turning my attention inward and resting in Silence, the more inner peace I feel throughout the day.

Today I give myself the gift of peace. A few moments in the Silence bring peace to my mind and heart, and help me maintain peaceful relationships. I renew my vow to invest time each day in the Silence which naturally gives rise to an abundance of inner peace.


March 8, 2015



Free from fear, I celebrate the gifts of vulnerability.


As I experience my Divine Identity, my heart is open to give, receive and be love.

There are not many forms of Power, there are many ways in which we use Power. When I use Power to activate beliefs underlying my fears, I want to protect myself like a knight in armor. My defenses seem to shield me from what I fear but also block authentic human connection. As I release any belief about whether I am good enough, I free myself to grow into my full potential. As I release the fear of getting hurt, I free myself to feel more of my feelings. Knowing at depth that I am worthy, I open my heart to give and receive love freely.

 I choose vulnerability rather than defensiveness, humility rather than aggression. I allow my heart to open to all that is, to live from a center of love, and to treat others as I would like to be treated. As I shed my armor and embrace my vulnerability, I allow myself to live fully, Free from fear, I celebrate life.