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March 1, 2015


With faith, I manifest what I imagine.

When I use my imagination to envision the future I desire, I know that simply imagining it will not make it happen. I use the Power of Faith to believe what I imagine will manifest as I take action.  Sometimes what I imagine is the next logical step in a familiar path; other times, it calls for a new path. Either way, I use my innate Divine Understanding and Wisdom to know what to think, say and do.

A hibernating bear relies on her inner wisdom to know when spring has come and it is safe to lead her young cubs out of the den. As I faithfully believe what I imagine is possible, I know when it is time to emerge from my den of contemplation and begin to manifest my ideas. Faith fuels my readiness to take action.  I have faith in my ability to manifest the life of my dreams.


February 22, 2015

Spiritual Practice

My spiritual practice anchors me to Divine Love.

Spiritual practices can include time each day for meditation and prayer, sacred service, and reading scripture and other inspirational writings. The times I devote to a deep, sitting meditation deepen and anchor my awareness of my Divinity.  I know I am the very principle of Love … I use Love to be a loving presence in my everyday life.

These practices and devotions to my Divinity are just the beginning. I am fortified and renewed in the knowledge that my Divine Nature is present and usable in every situation throughout my day. Regardless of the situation, I remember my Divinity and the Divinity of others. I express peace, gratitude, and generosity – during good times and difficult times. I experience joy during every moment of my life.


February 15, 2015

Kind Hearted

I am Divine, I am kind-hearted with myself and others.

Every day is an opportunity for kind-heartedness. When I feel disconnected from others, I pause, take a deep breath and remember my Divinity. My heart opens and I remember that I am ultimately not separate from others and they are Divine. 

If I experience the discomfort of not forgiving myself or others, I pause and remember my Divinity.  I remember to see with my “Divine Sight.” I am kind with myself and others. When I am kind-hearted, my heart is open to greater possibilities … even infinite possibilities.   

If I have been unkind or harsh with others, I pause, take a deep breath, and focus from Spiritual Consciousness. My heart takes the lead in making amends when necessary.  In the process, I am mindful of my innate wholeness; happiness naturally arises. As I practice open-heartedness and compassion for myself and others, I develop the capacity to let go of any inhibiting attachments. 

I remember I am using and limiting Divine Ideas and Laws to manifest my humanness. I may make mistakes; I use them to learn and grow. I pause, take a deep breath, and re-limit Divine Ideas and Laws so that I am more compassionate and open-hearted.


February 1, 2015


I forgive and begin anew.

An artist can seamlessly craft an erroneous brush stroke into a new and beautiful part of a painting. The painter is self-forgiving and not self-condemning. An apparent mistake is transformed into something new. In my everyday life,, I can turn errors into opportunities for growth and transformation.

To transform an error into a new and positive experience, I let go of attachment to what happened or what should have been. I release my ego attachments and I open myself to beautiful opportunities through remembering my Divine Nature. I feel energized and embrace unlimited possibilities. I let go of the old and re-create what emerges on the canvas of my life. I can and do transform error into new experiences that are good for me and bless others. As I forgive and move forward, I create my life as I want it to be inspired from my Divine Nature.


February 8, 2015


Divine Ideas are the resource I use for my prosperity.

I manifest my life from Divine Ideas. My current level of consciousness determines how  I shape, mold  and limit Divine Ideas with my consciousness. My conscious use of Divine Ideas is inhibited by thoughts, beliefs and ideas that give rise to fear, greed,  and unforgiveness. I use denials to clear any specific inhibiting thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

I release the belief that anything or anyone outside of my consciousness can prevent my good. I give generously and I receive graciously. I keep my thoughts on appreciating what I already have and trust my continuing awareness of Divine Ideas. I let go of negative judgmental thinking about myself and others. I see the Divinity of others and experience my own Divinity. I am peaceful.